Twitter War: Kenya and Nigeria Observing no Chills

Twitter War: Kenya and Nigeria Observing no Chills


By Nanjala Sarah

Kenya is at it again and this time they have decided to throw the mud at Nigeria only for Nigeria to throw the mud back and now it is full blown war.

There are no chills in this twitter calamity. Insult, jokes, humor and plain out ignorance are being displayed left right and center.

Well who is the cause of all this? Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg takes the crown home!! Apparently each country thinks it is better than the other for hosting the billionaire CEO.

In a first time visit to Africa, Zukerberg chose to visit Nigeria first then came to Kenya, where he had a delicious meal of fish and ugali.

Here are the best tweefs so far. Be prepared to laugh!!

Whose side are you on?

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