Social Media diversity….how things could go not as planned

Social Media diversity….how things could go not as planned


By Nanjala Sarah

Social media is full of people from different backgrounds, morals and upbringing. However, that is the exciting part of it.

Social Media is a platform where you get noticed and get your agenda running especially on Twitter. For the lucky ones, their agenda spread like wild fire and they will be talked about the whole day. However, sometimes creating the agenda can become an epic failure- one that you had not anticipated at all.

So, there is a hashtag currently treading on twitter but people seem oblivious of the true meaning of it. Leave alone annoying people who jump into any trending hashgtag to promote their selves, their products or their blogs.

COFEK,Kenya @ConsumersKenya decided to start the hash tag #jipeshuguli which sounds very interesting however, people are tweeting funny, sarcastic tweets instead of the intended purpose of the tweet.

This even caused COFEK,Kenya to tweet saying:

The #jipeshuguli ought to be about knowing what Kenyans will do #IfUhuruRejectsInterestRatesBill’

It seems people are in the weekend mood and do not want to discuss politics or economics so they chose to tweet about life instead.

Or perhaps wamejipa shuguli?

Here are some of the sample tweets that missed their intended purposes…

jipe shuguli

jipe shuguli one

jipe shuguli two

jipe shuguli three

jipe shuguli four