Musician Nyota Ndogo in a ‘Wedding Disaster’

Musician Nyota Ndogo in a ‘Wedding Disaster’

To Kenyans, her dress was a total failure; her make-up was the failure of the century and her husband was compared to a sponsor. Isn't that quite a disaster?



By Nanjala Sarah

Talk about being colorful!!! Nyota Ndogo went all the way for her wedding ensuring that she will be the center of attraction. A red affair it was! And yes, Kenyans noticed and had plenty to say about the scarlet wedding.

Red, red and more red, perhaps it was an effort by the coast- based singer to illustrate what her heart truly feels for her mzungu hubby, Henning Nielsen. Whatever the intention, Kenyans did not take it so well. Instead of congratulatory messages, the newlywed received a backlash of insults and disapproval. nyota ndogo 1nyota ndogo 2

Kenyans can be harsh, and more honest too. However, from us here at the Comment Section, it is congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Nielsen. Here is a sample of your harshness.


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